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  • In 1982, Shanghai Electromechanical Industry Bureau, Shanghai Vacuum Research Institute and Germany Busch cooperated to introduce Busch R5 series oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump technology, and dispatched Shanghai Vacuum Pump Factory and Shanghai Vacuum Research Institute to form a strong Shanghai team. The second vacuum pump factory, using Busch product technology and processing (assembly) production process, produced XD-type single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump - R5-010, part of the product parts exported to Germany.

    In 1983, R5-010 products won the "Shanghai Excellent New Product" certificate, 1988 XD-010, XD-020 won the "Shanghai Quality Export Commodities" certificate, and won the first-class products pre-issued by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. "Quality assessment certificate, participated in the preparation of the "industry standard for single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump products".

    Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the rigorous style and production process of Busch's heritage and produces vacuum pump products with high standards.

    The company currently produces 5000m2 of factory buildings. It is a professional manufacturer of vacuum pumps and vacuum application equipment integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.

    Founded in



    Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

    Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products


    This pump is suitable for the situation which requires less vacuum, reliable operations and convenient maintenance.Currently, this pump is widely applied to vacuum disposal such as vacuum packaging of various food products...

    • Reliable Performance

    • Less vulnerable parts

    • Small vibration

    • Low noise

    • Efficient

    Vacuum Pump ADVANTAGES

    Win Customers by Quality, Develop by Honesty and Create Benefits by Service

    • Solid corporate strength

      We are a vacuum equipment manufacturer with many years of experience. The vacuum pump produced has high speed, high volumetric efficiency and good energy saving effect.

    • Experienced technical team

      The company has a group of professional technical researchers, from design, production to testing, with a professional spirit and dedication to ensure customer satisfaction!

    • Complete product range

      Specially engaged in the production and solution system of vacuum equipment such as single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, direct-coupled rotary vane vacuum pump.

    Vacuum Pump NEWS

    Collect industry news, focus on hot information, update market trends

    HOTVacuum unit working principle
    The working principle of the vacuum unit: a vacuum pump that pumps the gas by moving the gas in a synchronous and...
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